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Here are our packages that we offer for weddings. These are standard and can be tailored for your wedding. As well as providing childcare for weddings we can also be hired for events. Please contact us with your enquiries. 


Our mini package includes a tepee, cushions, rugs, 2 crates of toys and mark making. This package is ideal for a smaller group of children. 


£175 without childcare

£275 for 4 hours childcare (1 Nanny)

Our indoor package includes our tepee, rugs, cushions, wooden craft tables, toys/activities focused on ages and interests of the little guests. 

This is for larger groups of children. 


£300 without childcare 

£3.50pp for bespoke fun activity fitting your theme for children to craft and keep. 


Childcare is offered by itself or part of any package. All of our nannies are first aid trained, hold a minimum of Level 3 in childcare and hold an advanced DBS. 

We work alongside the Ofsted guidelines which are; (adult:children)

      Under 1      1:1
      1-2years     1:3

      2-3years     1:4

      3+years      1:8 


Due to many different ages and numbers of children we find it easier to discuss via email. Please                    to find out the exact cost.  


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