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A wedding in the Italian sun

It was an early wake up call due to the flight departing at 7.30AM. Most of the wedding party had already made their way to Italy so I had organised to meet up with the existing guests who were getting the same flight as me. I walked through the airport seeking out some people that I had only seen pictures of. Luckily, they recognised me first and brought me to the whole group to meet everyone.

Once we landed in Pisa, we got the hire car and headed towards Tuscany where we were going to meet Scott and Emma (the parents for the children). During the car journey I got to know friends of theirs and a bit of a background into how they all knew each other which was great to listen to. We all met up in the local shop where it was time to finally see the children, Louis (2) and Darcey (9 months). When Louis first saw me said “oh, look it’s Lauren” with a big smile on his face.

An hour later we finally arrived at the venue where it was time to settle in, get used to the location and get ready for the pizza party that was happening that evening. This was an adult only event which meant it was the first night of looking after the children. Alongside looking after Louis and Darcey I also looked after a little boy called Joey who had unfortunately caught a tummy bug! This meaning that he didn’t really want his mummy to leave him.

Before we knew it the big day had arrived and it started with a girls/boys only breakfast. This was great to get to know everybody and spend some more time with Darcey. Once we had finished I got Louis changed into his swim gear and had a dip in the pool.

By Midday it was time to get ready and suddenly my role had changed. Looking after the children was passed over to someone else whilst I did Emma’s hair for the wedding. A very nervous but successful job! I helped get the children ready in their formal clothes which made them look even more adorable. Whilst everyone was seated for the wedding I stayed to side with the children. Louis watched Peppa Pig on my phone and Darcey had a lovely time exploring all her toys in front of the amazing back drop of Tuscany.

The day was in full swing by 6pm and now it was time for us all to get the children ready for bed. Luckily enough Emma and Scott were on hand to help me put the children down. Once they were down they went off to enjoy their time child free whilst I sat in. I knew I had an early start in the morning, so it wasn’t long before I headed to bed myself.

What an amazing experience of my first wedding sitting outside of the UK. I loved every minute of it, spending time with the family and of course all of this in the beautiful Tuscan sunshine.

Thanks for reading! Lets hope I’m lucky enough to experience a beautiful wedding like this again soon.

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