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Angela and Chris' wedding at Eastington Park

Ange contacted us after being recommended by Jodie, a wedding photographer that I first met when I started nannying at weddings. Knowing that we got a booking through a recommendation is the best news when you’re a business owner!

I arranged to meet the family at their house a week before the wedding. Their little girl Dottie was super excited to meet me and was full of energy when I first got to the house. As soon as I met her, I knew we would get on well. She felt comfortable around me and showed lots of communication. I was booked to put her to bed in the evening, so it’s always a relief when

home visits turn out well.

On the day of the wedding, Jenny decorated the room (see above) and set up all the activities for the children. A fellow nanny and I arrived just as the wedding breakfast was finishing and we based ourselves in the creche awaiting some little people to arrive. Before we knew it, we were having sequins stuck to us, playing hide and seek and dressing up in costumes.

Chris and Ange had singing waiters after their food, which for the adults were great fun. Dottie wanted to go into the main room and see her mum and dad. As I walked away someone caught my attention and pointed Dottie’s way. She was putting her arms out and calling my name as she was not impressed with the loudness and business of the room. I took her and brought her back to the creche, where we she calmed down and started to play. This reminded me why I do the job I do. As adults, we sometimes assume that children will love it just like us. I think that if I wasn’t there to take Dottie, a family member (or even the bride and groom!) would have had to leave and miss out themselves.

Later in the evening, sparklers were used outside of the manor house. I took Dottie out so she could join in and the photographer managed to get some amazing photos of the family together. We have many years’ experience in weddings, so when we see opportunities like this, we just can’t resist them. I remember being behind a wedding photographer once at a wedding, making the children smile and laugh as I pranced around trying to funny. Every time I look back at these photos, I know those children are smiling because of me. Which is a great feeling to have.

Soon it was bedtime. I took Dottie and her cousin up to bed, where the girls put their pjs on and got snuggly in bed whilst watching a film. Booking childcare for the evening of the wedding is something I highly advise. Knowing that your little ones are safe upstairs snoozing away, will allow you to really let you hair down. Both the girls pretty much fell asleep straight away. I left at 11.30pm when Dottie’s Auntie came up to bed.

The wedding was a huge success. All the children loved our set up and I couldn’t have been prouder. Knowing that Chris and Ange were also over the moon with booking us was the best feeling ever.

I can’t tell you enough how important to have childcare is when planning a wedding. When you look back, you want to be reminded of how easy and relaxed you felt during the whole day. Children are completely unpredictable on the day. You can’t put a price on having happy and chilled little ones during one of the biggest days of your life.

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