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Do I need a wedding nanny?

Wedding childcare... Do I need it? We've all been there; sat down waiting for the bride to arrive. Suddenly, out of nowhere the biggest tantrum from a second cousins child; someone who you invited to come but they couldn't find childcare for their little one. The tantrum is followed by the voice of the parent, "Shhhh, stop crying, be quiet!”.

One of the reasons I started my business was to help support parents who are getting hitched or the friends and family that have no choice but to bring their children. Being honest, I am more likely to care for the bridal parties children than the bride and grooms. I recently found out after having my own wedding, that given half a chance, guests will jump at the chance of being child free! I gave our guests the option to bring their children and it turns out we only had my two nephews during the day; and they were the page boys!

During a wedding you assume (or hope) your children will be the sweetest angels, eating nicely at the table and sitting down whilst you have idle chat with another guest. Well the reality is, in one way or another we have all experienced life with a toddler. The ice cream doesn't just go from the bowl to a mouth nicely. When they have finished they will demand more until the get it. Why do we expect our children to be totally different in a wedding environment? Weddings should be for sipping champagne whilst laughing at things that happened in university, not stopping little Jimmy from picking his nose.

So far since my business started I have found myself at many weddings, experiencing all different kinds of environments. As a wedding nanny I much prefer to be elsewhere with the children. This could either be in a small room away from the wedding breakfast or in Ston Easton's case, in the garden room. Of course I am more than happy to be in the middle of the wedding; running around to make sure all snotty noses are wiped. However, I would highly recommend an area where the children can shut off from all the hustle and bustle of a wedding. This leads onto the other reason I chose this career: the children. I love children, they make me laugh and smile on a daily occurrence. Wherever I go, without knowing how I do it, I automatically attract children (apart from my adult only honeymoon). They are amazing and I thrive from ensuring they have a great time on a wedding day.

As much as children also look forward to a wedding, the younger they are the less they will remember. Of course it's nice to have them there for photos and to be at least part of the day in some way. Every parent I’m sure has felt ‘the guilt’ when deciding whether to bring the little ones along or giving-in to the rare adult time that they are craving for!

This is where I come in; my handful of handpicked wedding nannies and I sweep in to save the day. Whatever is requested of us by the bride and groom we deliver. Some couples want the whole package: the bell tent, a whole room decorated with personalised colours, five nannies and so many toys the children will be spoilt for choice. Others just simply require two children to be looked after during the day. Every wedding is different and unique, which is why we offer tailored childcare to meet the needs of everyone.

We have a lot of enquiries asking us how much we charge; this is a question we can't answer straight away. Offering tailored childcare comes with its many options and working inline with OFSTED ratios means the number and age of the children will depend on how many nannies you will need; therefore effecting your personalised quote.

Money is a huge issue when planning a wedding; trust me I know how tight it can be; shall we pay that for a photographer? Do we really need the photo booth? I believe child care is such an important part of planning a wedding; happy children means happy parents! Offering your guests somewhere their children can be dropped off to play in a fun and safe environment with highly qualified professionals will relieve your guests of their parental duties long enough to sit back, relax and enjoy your day as much as you will!

Having a wedding nanny not only offers you professional childcare but also someone that will take care of your number 1's like they are their own.

Thank you for reading,


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