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Ella and Jeremy's wedding at Casterely Barn

As we turnt up to the village hall in Heddington, we found that it hadn’t yet been unlocked. With the time nearing ‘drop off time’ for the children we wondered if anyone would arrive to let us in. 20 minutes later, we had a car turn up very quickly, someone jumped out apologizing and unlocked the door. They then gave me the key and hopped back into the car. It was a very prompt visit which I completely understand on a wedding day.

We set the room up and waited for the mini guests to arrive. We hadn’t yet provided a pop up creche, so it was exciting to see how it went. The first child arrived along with the rest shortly after. We had 2 very young babies (9 months) who did not like to be left. It’s always a little difficult when it comes to the younger children. They can often not understand why their mummies aren’t around and who we are as they have never met us.

The parents collected the children and we packed up the car ready to head to venue number 2. It was a half an hour drive which gave us a little time for a break before we started back up again.

Once at Casterley Barn we set up the mini package and sat down with the children whilst they ate their food. It’s always amazing isn’t it with children. We had 6 children eating their picnics with us, you could hear a pin drop where it was so quiet!

This was the first time I had visited Casterley looking after children and it sure has the most amazing space for the children. They loved running around, playing with the big connect 4 and using their new bow and arrows they received from the bride and groom.

A lady approached me and apologized for being so manic when I had met her that morning. It turns out she was the brides mum. I returned the key to her and she went off to listen to the speeches.

7pm soon came around and we made a cozy space upstairs in their mezzanine. Here there was a tv set up with a DVD player and a selection of films. It was nice to allow the children time to chill out and watch a movie. It also allowed me and Lisa (the other nanny) to sit down after a busy day with the children. The children would come and go, spending a little time dancing before returning to watch the rest of the film.

Ella (bride) was really thankful for all that we did, so in my eyes we did a grand job 😊

Lauren x

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