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Katy and James' wedding at Clifton College

I hadn't yet worked in Clifton for a wedding. You can imagine how odd it was to be asked to attend 2 weddings there in one weekend. We were contacted by Caroline from The Planning Lounge after being asked by her clients for a wedding Nanny. It was a huge privilege to be asked by her and great that she found us through our social media page.

As I arrived at the room in Clifton College it was obvious that we were in the best room to have the children. Many sofas all spread out, lots of floor space and a coffee machine (woohoo!!). Caroline had provided her own Wigwam and we bought our toys. We were given quite a big age gap of around 3 to 12 years old. We provided board games, colouring in and Lego!

Sophie (below), one of our lovely nannies, joined me at the venue. It took around 2 hours before we had a child dropped off. She was a very confident flower girl that was more than happy to remove her shoes and get stuck in. Shortly after her very 'cool' older brothers joined. At first a little hesitant to have fun, but soon got stuck into building with the Lego.

During the time of having the children, we had food, visited the loo and played hide and seek numerous of times. The 3 year old girl would go up to see her mum and dad with a Nanny, but soon return after being 'bored' with her parents. That was a very nice compliment!

Night time was soon upon us. We found ourselves led out on the sofas watching a film before going home at 11pm.

Overall the day/evening was a huge success. The bride came down to thank us so much for our long day of nannying. She was really appreciated. This is always a massive part of any job, being recognised and praised for your hard work. It's even better when it's your company being spoken about!

Thanks for reading x

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