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Kaye and Lorenzo's wedding at Folly Farm

I met with Kaye and Lorenzo at their house a few days before the wedding. Their house was full of family who were over from South Africa. It was nice to meet the whole family and they were all very welcoming. My main reason for visiting was of course to meet their little girls, L (8) and C (3). The girls were very excited by me being there and spent the whole time showing me things in their bedroom.

On the day, myself and another nanny arrived just before 4. The couple had hired our mini package that had been set up that morning by Jenny (who deals with all the setting up for our packages). It was so nice to arrive and be greeted by a room all ready for us to explore.

We settled in and were soon greeted by our first children who we had both previously looked after at a nursery together. It was so nice to start the afternoon off this way and just as nice to catch up with their mummy. We had around 6 children who needed our full attention. The other children were old enough to roam without us.

At 5.30pm all the children sat down in the lower barn where we all had food and opened our party bags given to us by the bride and groom. They were all over the moon finding colouring in, super hero masks and tattoos. All the best things needed in childhood.

During the evening we spent time out on the lawn where we had set up our tepee with cushions, books and puzzles amongst some hay bales. The children entertained themselves with some bubbles, playing stuck in the mud and chilling out by reading or chatting about their lives with family and friends.

Overall a great day spent at Folly Farm. Kaye and Lorenzo were very thankful for all of our help and left us a great review on our social media. I definitely feel a sense of pride whenever we get a great review. It means that whatever we are doing, we are doing it the right way.

Thanks for reading!

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