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Lou and Rob's wedding

When Lou booked me for her wedding, she was aware that I had spent time with her son at his nursery that I had worked in. He was a gorgeous bum shuffler who had just become 1 years old when she booked me. Before the wedding they asked me to babysit for a few hours where I had to put him to bed. He was constantly smiling and being cheeky so I knew we would get along just fine.

I parked my car at the bottom of a hilly lane with all the other guests and started my ascent to the wedding venue. As I reached the top, I could see their festival themed wedding to the right of me. Big bell tents all around with a lot of hay bales for seating. From when I first arrived, I could tell how chilled and relaxed the wedding was going to be.

Seeking out the wedding planner, she told me that J hadn’t arrived yet so just wait around. I stood in the shadows and was offered canapes and lemonade. At this point I thought to myself, life as a wedding nanny isn’t bad at all. As I finished my lemonade, I could see J arriving just in time!

His Nanny bought J to the kids tent with me, so that he had a smooth transition from his family to my care. He coped well and didn’t even notice when she quickly escaped. We were amongst other guests who had children, so J was in his element playing with others.

Soon enough it was time for food, so this is where I took the opportunity to have a break. I bought my own food with me but luckily the bride and groom told me to help myself to their buffet!

Once the food was over, we spent more time in the kids tent, particularly a little girl who was a neighbor of J’s. You could see that she adored him a huge amount and loved spending time with him. We explored the instruments, read some books and built some towers. By the end of this it was 7.30pm and J was well and truly ready for bed.

I managed to get J to sleep on his blow-up camp bed during all the loudness a wedding brings and us being in a tent in the middle of it all. I was due to finish at 8pm but I was asked if I could stay later, which was no problem at all.

The whole wedding was a great experience and I was super lucky that J was in a good mood the whole time. Lou and Rob were so grateful for taking care of their pride and joy, they left me a lovely review on my Facebook page.

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