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Rose and Nicks wedding at Homewood Park

I first met Rose at a café near to where we live. I had recently got married, so we spent a lot of the time speaking about our weddings. I reminisced about my perfect day and couldn’t help but be jealous that mine was over and she was still awaiting hers (the wedding blues are still happening now; will I forever be envious??). As we got chatting, she spoke to me about her niece who is very close to her eldest daughter. It turnt out that I had been her niece’s key person at a local nursery, and she had no idea before she booked me.

A few weeks before the wedding, I went to their home and met with her daughters (and finally met her partner). We instantly bonded and whilst there her eldest daughter told her mum “I think I might be starting to love Lauren”. She made me a sticker whilst I built a Duplo tower with her younger sister. The girls welcomed me so nicely into their environment; I knew on the day we would be absolutely fine.

The wedding day came around so quick. When I first arrived, they were still in the ceremony, so I sat patiently awaiting some mini guests to come and play. Before I knew it, I had 4 children exploring the indoor package we had set up at Homewood Park. They spent a lot of time with the crafts we had provided, helping to decorate the monsters and rainbows. Our crafts are tailored to any wedding day and are often themes that our couples have chosen.

Once the children had eaten their food, I noticed that they had slowed down a little bit. The girls had chosen a few films to play on the iPad, so we turnt the lights off and snuggled under blankets to have a little rest. 9pm came around so quick and the girls were ready to get in their pjs and snuggle up in bed. This can sometimes be a hard part of a wedding day. When the children get tired, they can, as we all know, become irritable and want their parents. The girls and I had created such a close bond that they were happy to come up with me and practically fell asleep as soon as they got in their bed!

I snuck off home at midnight once the bride and groom had retired for the evening. Driving home in the car I reflected on how perfect the day had flowed. Rose and Nick were so grateful for everything I had done and messaged saying “You made our day so easy. The kids absolutely loved it and you! I can’t express how amazing it was to have you there. I will recommend you to everyone!!”. Having messages like this make the late and long hours totally worth it!

All the time, I try to express to people how important it is to provide an option for children at weddings. It’s their day also and providing them with a safe, secure and fun place will make your day run so much smoother 😊

Thanks for reading!


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