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Ston Easton Park 18.08.18

As I walked down the drive to Ston Easton Park Hotel I couldn’t help but take in the picturesque surroundings that that the manor house sits in. Not only is the venue itself breath taking but the view just makes it an incredible wedding spot.

Once I got to the manor I had noticed that the bride and groom had not returned from their ceremony. I looked around and could see a table of 2 families that had 2 little girls similar to the ages I knew about. I decided it would be best to go and introduce myself and hope these are the girls I was caring for (without making myself look like a wally).

Luckily for me it was the little girls both aged 3years.

The families didn’t need my help until the wedding breakfast, so I sat myself in the library and waited until I was requested to help.

When working at Ston Easton I set up the Garden Room in the basement. It has a big tv on the wall and lots of space for children to play. I was also told it was the safest room in the hotel meaning that nothing is easily breakable.

I cared for the girls from 4-7pm, giving them their dinner as it was bought down to us. We did some colouring in, blew lots of bubbles and walked around the amazing gardens that surround the venue. The 2 girls were great characters and very cheeky which I loved.

At 7pm their parents came down to collect the girls, so they could have a dance to the band that was setting up. It was time for me to say my goodbyes and thank them very much for asking my business to care for their children.

Overall a successful day with 2 very happy girlies.

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