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Vicky and Sam's wedding at Clevedon Hall

I’ve always wondered what Clevedon Hall really looked. Of course, I had always seen how amazing the photos were and was always keen to visit. Soon came the day we got our first booking for the venue. The bride and groom were people I knew already, and I had cared for their little girl at a local nursery. I also had a few mutual friends.

I soon arranged a meeting at the venue, and I can truly say it was incredible. I can totally see why brides and grooms fall in love with it. The lovely Lauren showed me around and when looking out the window I could see 2 deer grazing on the grass. It had such character and I couldn’t wait for the wedding.

Before the big day, I visited the couple and their two little girls at their house. I prefer doing home visits as it allows the children to see me as a trusted person who’s been in their environment. The biggest girl loved me being there, but I knew it would take a little more for the younger one to feel the same.

On the day of the wedding, I checked my bags in as I was staying overnight with the girls. Another nanny soon arrived, and we based ourselves in the room where the couple had hired soft play.

20 minutes later the children gradually started coming in and before we knew it, we had all of them. We had a lot of young ones which meant they were very interested in everything in the room. Of course, we child proof before they come in, but as you all know, toddlers get everywhere!! The children loved the soft play and big Paw Patrol ball pit. The bride and groom also provided some arts and crafts for them to enjoy. These were a huge success.

As I previously said, I was staying overnight with the girls. Our extra pair of hands (Lisa) went home and this was a good time to take the kids to bed. The youngest took a little while to nod off but as soon as she did, she didn’t stir until the morning! Her sister slept well, so I was feeling pretty awake the following day.

I handed over the girls to their grandmother and said goodbye to everyone I had met and knew. I felt so included throughout the whole wedding. All the guests were so welcoming and couldn’t praise us enough. The feeling of a successful wedding is one of the best feelings and allows us to continue doing an amazing job!

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