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The Wedding Sitting Company offer professional and tailored childcare within the wedding industry. We build a good relationship with all clients to ensure their needs for the day is met to the highest standard.

We have all been at a wedding where a child has been so emotional that a guest has to leave the ceremony half way through with them. Or we have seen that child that is falling asleep at the wedding breakfast with nowhere close enough to have a nap. 

One of the reasons we provide childcare for weddings is to ensure your mini guests have a fun filled day as well as your big guests. Having the choice for children to safely play and engage in activities without having to worry about them is the best way to ensure every one has fun. 

We also offer fun filled                   for every style of wedding that can be tailored. We promote ourselves to be unique and will help towards any ideas that our couples may have. 

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"I would highly recommend The Wedding Sitting Company to anyone planning a wedding or party, where they feel a little respite for the parents and change of scene for the children might benefit everyone. All the parents were parents so grateful and the kids had a ball. Win, win!"


               ~ Claire, Larmer

                  Tree Garden 

Having The Wedding Sitting Company as part of a big day, whether it be your own or if your a guest, you'll always be at ease knowing your little ones are being entertained and cared for with passion, admiration and enthusiasm. 


                    ~Emma, Guest

Thank you so much Lauren and Nin for providing the childcare at our wedding. They were both absolultey fab, the kids loved them. They were friendly and professional and I had lots of comments from wedding guests about how great they were. You are wonderful and I hope the business goes from strength to strength 


            ~ Kaye, Folly Farm 

We are so pleased that we asked Lauren to look after our 15 month old boy Jasper on our wedding day. We felt that we could enjoy the day knowing that if Jasper needed to go and play or sleep, he was in Laurens caring, safe hands. She was very flexible on agreed to stay longer on the day, which we were hugely grateful for. 


                  ~ Lou, Bride 

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